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12 Improvement Factors

We have defined 12 factors which will lead to the improvement of your relationship.
Bullet   Factor #1: Relaxation

Relaxation helps you to reduce your personal stress levels so that you can better interact with your partner.
Bullet   Factor #2: The Five Senses

The Five Senses gain awareness of your partner's positive energies as well as your own through the five senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch).
Bullet   Factor #3: Communication

Communication opens the lines of communication in your relationship.
Bullet   Factor #4: Emotions

Emotions educate you and your partner to be more emotionally intelligent and make more emotionally sound choices.
Bullet   Factor #5: Objectivity

Objectivity increases each partner’s objectivity so that he/ she will make better thought out decisions and in not judgmental towards his/ her partner.
Bullet   Factor #6: Linguistics

Linguistics helps your partner to understand all the details of what makes you who you are, especially in relation to origin, culture, and beliefs.
Bullet   Factor #7: Interpersonal Knowledge

Interpersonal Knowledge gives you as a couple prowesses to share personal information with each other and know personal information about their partner.
Bullet   Factor #8: Affection

Affection builds respect, friendship, and esteem between you and your partner which is essential for the basis of a long term relationship.
Bullet   Factor #9: Influence

Influence encourages you as a couple to offer mutual and balanced influence to one another which nurtures the relationship.
Bullet   Factor #10: Cohesion

Cohesion improves your relationship by helping you to define your internal and external boundaries and determining how you share your time together.
Bullet   Factor #11: Allocation

Allocation gives you better coordination as a couple to achieve goals and define the value of your lives together.
Bullet   Factor #12: Meta-messages

Meta-messages develop your non verbal language as a couple; this includes gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact.