Bullet   Characteristics

Nest couple like to cuddle a lot; physical contact is important to them; it helps them to deal with stressful days. It is meant to provide comfort and support. Nest couples strive in the intimacy part of their relationship, which preserves it despite the problems in their daily lives. They like to participate in similar activities together which provide a necessary feeling of safety within their relationship.
Bullet   Roles

Tasks like meals, household chores, and raising the children are equally shared; both have a job.
Bullet   External Environment

The couple tends to withdraw to each other. They do not feel a sense of belonging to the community they live in. They often feel alone and in turn do not show interest in politics or news. Community involvement and career opportunities often become secondary objectives.
Bullet   Advantages and Disadvantages

They prefer to seek comfort rather than act like everything is all right; however, they often find it difficult to ask for that support. Within the relationship, conflict remains concealed because the couple perceives any division between them as a threat. Their strength is in presenting a united front. If life does not present them with a lot of problems, their relationship will be long term.