Bullet   Characteristics

Couples are united for better or worse with the idea of growing old together. They want to share the same likes and opinions. Their separate individualities blend together to form a "we". They work together for the professional success of the man; the woman often does not work. They raise their children together and believe consensus is a strong value. A good relationship to them is one with little disagreement.
Bullet   Roles

Daily roles are organized and the roles of each partner are well defined. More often than not, tasks are shared out based on gender: the woman takes on household tasks while the man earns the money. Alldecisions are made together.
Bullet   External Environment

The man is responsible for the social integration of the family. The woman focuses on support and security internally. They complement one another and their dependence on one another is mutual.
Bullet   Advantages and Disadvantages

The relationship gives each partner a lot of stability. Because their roles are well defined, they live in harmony and they know how to avoid conflict. When a problem occurs, they prioritize resolutions. The quiet life of this relationship is based on routine.