Bullet   Characteristics

What unites this couple is the paradox that spouses agree. The spouses share the opinion that they will both be happier as long as everyone serves them, defends their opinions, and follows their plans.
Bullet   Roles

The couple desires to be complete and fulfill themselves in several aspects of life at the same time including professional, marital, parental, civic and cultural. They do not like organizations founded on sexual differences. They especially attempt to split domestic duties. Communication is necessary to emphasize emotions, wants, and needs.
Bullet   External Environment

Contact with family, friends, and acquaintances is strongly promoted. This includes going out together or separately to dinner, concerts, exhibitions, and traveling. They also like inviting parents and friends into their home. This encourages dialogue within the relationship. The couple considers routine a source of trouble and anxiety.
Bullet   Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of this couple type is that it allows the pleasures of life together and a life of personal fullfillment. Problems with the couple arise when being a couple becomes an obstacle to an individuals's personal fullfillment. If being a couple requires too many sacrifices, the couple will quickly tire and separate.